Painted Plywood Collection

Painted Plywood Kitchens

Plywood has been used creatively in architecture, interior and furniture design for the past hundred years and more. Loved by modernist designers of the 20th century, plywood is an excellent choice for a contemporary kitchen and continues to grow in popularity.

When combined with highly skilled craftsmanship, painted and exposed plywood kitchens are an exciting option for those with an interest in this style.

Framed, exposed edges, a variety of integrated J-Pull handles, flat plywood handle rails, 45 degree chamfered edges are all available.

Beautiful detailing  combined with hardwood dovetailed drawer boxes and inserts enhance the classic British look.

A robust and hard-wearing material, perfect for kitchen environments.

Our Strata range is customisable and fully bespoke.

Integrated Handle Options

Standard Matt Colours