Devon Kitchen Design

Some Top Trends for Modern Kitchen Design

When it comes to modern kitchen design, a white kitchen is still popular but there are other trends to consider.


Marble Kitchen Counters: Marble will always be in style. However, if you like to drink red wine then quartz could be a better fit. Engineered quartz is less prone to stains and may be more affordable.


The Kitchen Ceiling: The kitchen ceiling is no longer forgotten for modern kitchen design. Add wallpaper, a hint of color, or wood paneling for a dramatic flair to the space.


Reclaimed Wood Kitchen: Choose rough reclaimed wood for custom kitchen cabinets.


Wallpaper: Wallpaper has become less scary in the last five years but many are too scared to try it in the kitchen. With so many trends and peel and stick options, it's easy to install and remove. Choose a graphic design that mimics the look of tile.


Kitchen Plate Racks: Vintage plate racks are coming back for 2020. Whether displayed by being mounted on the walls or on countertops, they can add some soul to the space, as well as give you a place to display your dishware instead of hiding it away.


Mix and Match Your Kitchen Metals: For modern kitchens 2020 isn’t going to be the year about being matchy-matchy, and this goes for your heavy metals. Feel free to choose nickel for knobs and then go with brass for a faucet. You can also add different metals to your lighting fixtures.


Hidden Kitchen Appliances: If you aren’t a fan of stainless steel facades then you can add a front to the appliances that mimic cabinetry. For modern kitchens 2020 doesn’t need to be about making your appliances stand out. Instead, you can make them match other cabinets.


Natural Wood Tones: Kitchens are still seeing painted and stained woods but also those in the natural state. Brown wooden shelves that feel original to the home can be a way to test the waters.

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