Matt Collection

Matt Kitchens

Matt finishes have become increasingly popular and our ranges continue to grow with a wide range of colours and finishes of matt kitchen doors and surfaces available.

From edged MFC slab doors to painted matt with J-Pull and integrated profiled handles to bevelled edge profiles, the choices are vast and varied.

Anti-fingerprint finishes are also a great feature available in some matt door ranges making it a superb option for handleless kitchens.

Fenix NTM doors are the next generation of kitchen surfaces  with outstanding properties. Ultra matt, soft touch, anti-finger-print, highly scratch resistant with self healing properties for small scratches, dry heat resistant, stain proof, colour consistent and anti-bacterial.

Greys, warmer and darker tones are a popular choice and this is reflected in the matt kitchen ranges we have on offer.

White and lighter tones are timeless and look great in a matt finish.

Or be bold with an accent colour in a dual or multi colour/texture kitchen.

Standard Matt Colours