Kitchen Redesign

Is a Kitchen Redesign Worth It?

Your kitchen can be the focal point of your home in Devon, UK, so whether you want to enhance the space or are hoping to sell your home, a kitchen redesign can be worth the cost if you follow certain guidelines.


Follow Trends in Home Improvement: An upgraded beautiful kitchen can stand the test of time. However, it helps to know that you won’t get the exact money you put in with increases in property value. A unique kitchen design can add to your home's value when compared to other remodeling and home improvement projects.


Trust a Professional: Before you begin your unique kitchen design, consult with a contractor or designer. One of the best ways to improve your kitchen is to modify the workflow. An expert can help you plan this out and make working and moving in the kitchen easier.


Spend Where It Counts: A designer and contractor can help you spend money effectively. When you start planning a remodel, you may see that upgrading countertops, adding lighting, and replacing the sink are good enhancements but you will find you need to reserve a portion of your budget for cabinets. Adding new cabinets gives additional storage space and they are always a desirable characteristic.


Materials You Choose: The materials you pick will make a difference in how much your kitchen redesign will be worth. For example, quartz can be a leading choice for countertops and the next up is granite and marble. Quartz can give you more ROI since it won’t date itself. If you are doing backsplashes then porcelain or ceramic tile are preferred. If you are considering changing the flooring then choose hardwood. Even splurging on high-end faucet can make a difference. If you choose a faucet that makes a difference, it can add value to your unique kitchen design.