Kitchen Contractors

Setting a Budget for Working
with Kitchen Contractors

Before you start working with a remodeling contractor in Devon, UK, you need to set a budget.


Determine the Scope of the Project: First, define your renovation. Are you planning on updating only some items and leaving the others intact? Are you planning on replacing everything? The more you need to replace, the more expensive the project will be. Once you know what you want to accomplish, it can be easier to determine the cost of renovation. You may want to consult with kitchen contractors early in the process to help define some costs.


Create an Itemized List of Materials: You may not know what materials cost so it helps to work with a remodeling contractor. List each item, as well as different brands, and be sure to include higher and lower price points. This can allow you to play with the numbers so you can allocate funds. There will also be hidden costs in the project, such as building code issues and eating out while you can’t use your kitchen.


Know How Much You Can Spend: Once you know what the materials cost, you need to figure out how much you can spend. Have a budget that won’t break the bank. You may need to change the scope of the project in order to make it more affordable. Some people turn to loans but this may not be worth it unless the renovation will actually increase the resale value of the home.


Get Different Kitchen Contractor Quotes: Get quotes from multiple kitchen contractors so you can compare. Be sure to let them know about the brands you pick so they can add them into the bid.


Stick to the Plan: Making changes to your kitchen renovation in the middle can cause your budget to explode. Some changes may be unavoidable but try limiting any major deviations so you can do your best to stick to your budget.