Contemporary Kitchen Design

What to Consider with a
Contemporary Kitchen Redesign

When working on a contemporary kitchen redesign, there are some things you want to consider.


Designing the Perfect Kitchen Island: Some kitchens may not be big enough for an island and while an island can be a great addition to the interior design of the kitchen, you shouldn’t install one unless you have 36 inches of clearance all the way around.


Do Electrical Work According to Code: In many places, you can do your own electrical work but you still need to meet the local codes.


Make a Schedule: There is a lot of planning when it comes to a contemporary kitchen design so you don’t want to start demolishing the old kitchen too quickly. Be sure to have cabinets, appliances, and fixtures on hand before you start. When you have everything on hand, you can confirm the installation specs and exact measurements.


Be Thoughtful about Layout: If you want an open kitchen, you may not be able to just remove any wall. Some walls are load bearing. Don’t assume you can remove a wall because it’s structural. You may also not have to keep your refrigerator and stove in the same place where they are. Venting and plumbing can be expensive to move but sometimes it’s the best option for the interior design.


Don’t Forget about Ventilation: Don’t relocate your stove without taking ventilation into consideration. Duct runs should be as straight and short as possible.


Be Smart with Cabinets: Before you order your cabinets and before they get installed, look at other conditions in the room. Are the walls leaning? Do the floors slope? Think hard about installing cabinets and if the answer to these questions is yes, you need to think about where you should install the cabinets. Countertops need to be level and not sloping.


Pick Flooring That Is Practical: With contemporary kitchen design, you may be tempted to pick a trendy flooring but choose flooring that is both beautiful and practical for the best results.

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